Joy Abara


Joy Abara is a content creator, social entrepreneur, digital marketer and an aspiring broadcast journalist with a few working experiences in radio presenting/editing and managing the online presence of a few brands.

She founded the chat podcast, an online, audio production that seeks to tell the untold stories of many young Nigerian creatives. She considers this as her own medium for changing the conventional African narrative, from the negative to a positive one.

She is a graduate of International Law and Diplomacy from the prestigious Babcock University.

Given her strong desire to give value to society, she founded the Clothe Me Project in 2017, which was inspired by strong family values of love, kindness, and generosity. She believes that Life is best lived when others are happy because of you.

She has a plethora of skills in communication, planning and organizing, leadership, information technology, consulting and creative thinking. Joy loves to travel, read, eat, and meet new people.

Joy AbaraBiola Abdulfawaz


Abdulfawaz is on a mission to help provide assistance to the less privileged, children and adult alike.

He’s a graduate of Babcock University with his discipline in International Law & Diplomacy; born into a family, that taught him the importance of giving and helping the needy.

He’s ambitious, disciplined and a great listener; who’s looking to change the world, a door at a time.

Enoho Ejekukor


Ejekukor Enoho is a fashion Entrepreneur, Adire lover and also a book lover. She is the founder of the Aghogho clothing line a contemporary African brand focused in promoting the African culture through the production of locally made hand-dyed fabrics and transforming these dyed fabrics to ready to wear casual wears.

She is also the Co-founder of Bookfence (an International Book community focused in Connecting with book lovers all over the world). She has always had the desire to reach out to the needy.

The idea of the Clothe me Project came to her notice in the year 2017 and she was more than glad to use this medium as a vehicle to drive her passion and ever since then she hasn’t looked back. The journey thus far has been amazing for her.

Tosin Salau


Tosin Salau is a lawyer, poet, short play writer and a good listener. He is a young man with so much enthusiasm to give back to the society, particularly the less privilege.

His desire to reach out and give out to the less privilege is due to his childhood experience. Tosin is also active member and volunteer of some other youth based project/NGOs (MINDFUL OF YOUTHS INITIATIVE AND IAMMINDFUL).

Tosin holds the philosophy that ‘life is a mess when you don’t give’.

Seun Adelowotan

Oluwaseun Stephen, Adelowotan. A vibrant grassroot arbitrator, a concerned youth about children welfare and also a fashion enthusiast.

A graduate in international law and diplomacy. Team member of the ClotheMe project.

Ifeoma Enuka

Ifeoma Enuka is a pharmacist currently practicing at Superdrug Integrated Pharmacy, Lagos.

She studied at the University of Lagos, Nigeria. An active member of The Clothe Me Project, she enjoys humanitarian activities and believes her day is only made when she makes someone else’s day.

Her hobbies include reading, writing and cooking.

Buluro Tobi


Buluro Tobi was born on September 9, 1995, in Edo state, Nigeria.

He is a tech entrepreneur, personal coach, an ideapreneur and a disciple of Christ. He is the Founder and Lead Developer at BeeTcore: an IT Solutions company, through which he has helped a lot of start-ups and MSMEs in creating a web presence for their businesses among many other things.

With an MBA from Swedish Management Council University and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Babcock University, his educational background coupled with subsequent professional training formed the foundation stone for his ability to found a company and to steadily and progressively lead it unto greater heights.

Prior to founding BeeTcore, Buluro Tobi worked in the Oil & Gas industry and the Health sector where he actively worked on and co-managed various projects.

Buluro Tobi or BT as he is fondly called loves travelling, networking, food, chess and in his spare time loves to engage in long purposeful conversations.

He is also part of the Clothe Me Project: an NGO that provides clothing for the less privileged in Lagos (South West, Nigeria) and an online Volunteer with the United Nations working with organizations striving toward sustainable development goals.

Azeezat Adigun


  • Date of Birth: 13/05/late80s
  • Country: Nigeria
    Born in Lagos Mainland, Nigeria
  • Sixth child of 8 children of Alhaji and Alhaja K.B Adigun
  • Education: has a BSc in Marine Biology and Fisheries and a Masters in Public and International Affairs from the University of Lagos. Graduated in 2010.
  • Best known for her love for children and lending her helping hands towards everyone around her.
  • Passionate about Impacting lives positively.

Sunday Odumosun